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This page is for the clan DUCK

DUCK is the follow-up fromSUC6 , since it's not allowed to have a number in the clanname onASO we had to find a new name with a suitable explanation

We brainstormed for a short while, and that's how the name DUCK was chosen to be our new name.

Duck is formed from DUtCh Knights ans has no resemblance with the characters as we know them from Disney.

Not all SUC6-members could become DUCK-members.

That's not up to us, but we have to depend on the crew on ASOBRAINS.com


I personal can understand why this is, The only problem is that the clanleader can't get any info when they are allowed

DUCK-members are : Freuleliesje, Gerben123, jacqueline76, ,joyceromy, Sir Arno en Topcat58 .











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